ARBEQUINA (Chile) evoo

Buttery, fruity aroma with a light peppery finish makes this EVOO a staple in any kitchen. This award winning single varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from 100% Arbequina olives grown in the Maule Valley of Chile. The Arbequina olive is a hardy varietal and harvested early by delicate and attentive methods to preserve the olives’ natural integrity.  Perfect for preparing morning fried eggs, baking breads, topping off your favorite fresh garden vegetables, slathering on roasted corn on the cob or drizzling over pasta dishes. Wonderful addition to pesto’s and sauces.

Mild to Medium
Harvest:  Summer/2018
Acidity: 0.15
1 TBS = Fat  14g      Saturated Fat  2g    Calories 120

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