The all new

Welcome to Olive and Vyne! We are so excited to launch our online store and share these wonderful flavors with you. There are 35 varieties to choose from including Extra Virgin Olive Oil, infused olive oil, fused olive oil and balsamic vinegar.  

Our balsamic vinegar is imported from Modena, Italy and begins with the rich and robust 25 Star Dark and 25 Star White. All Olive and Vyne balsamic vinegars are infused from either the dark or white base. Which means our customers enjoy a taste of Italy in every bite!  

Our line of extra virgin olive oils - imported from various countries - have been re-certified before we bring them into inventory. This is important on a variety of levels, but most important is Authenticity!  

Our custom wood crates are hand made locally in Idaho and filled with flavors we think you will enjoy. Tailored recipes are included with every order, along with instructions on how and where to store these wonderful products to ensure the best flavor and long lasting enjoyment.

Speaking of recipes... Instead of creating a Recipe Corner and having to search for a match to the olive oil and/or balsamic vinegar you are interested in, we have included recipes in each of the specific flavors. This will help your creative juices when thinking of meals, entertaining and special occasions. We will be adding more recipes in the coming weeks, so check back frequently.

We love these products and they are put the through the tasting mill so to speak! Before they go on our shelves, we make salads, marinades, grill or bake or saute and even test with desserts and baking. We hope you will enjoy as much as we do!

Our goal at Olive and Vyne is to provide easy and flavorful options to elevate a 'ho hum' meal into something unique and delicious!

Thank you for visiting. Bon Appetit!